Selling a Home in Carmel Valley

Selling a Home in Carmel Valley

The goal of all home sellers is to receive a great offer for your property when it hits the market. By following the guidelines outlined below, your house will stand out from other similar properties currently on the market. While your home may be in superb condition, some improvements to generate additional interest may be necessary. Generally, these improvements range from a simple curb appeal upgrade to a complete remodeling project. When ready to sell a home in Carmel Valley, consider these points for a successful real estate sale.

Preparing your home for sale

Talk with several real estate agents

Before your home goes on the market, you need to address a few things first. Finding great representation is one of the most important aspects of a successful sale. Consult with friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, and other trusted individuals and let them know you are interested in interviewing someone. Ask for recommendations and find out what they liked about the agent they used and what they wished could have been different.

Keep in mind the agent you hire is working for you. Ask specific questions about how they plan to market your Carmel Valley home for sale, their experience in selling in this specific market, and how they will determine the asking price of your home. Additionally, be sure to hire a real estate agent familiar with your area so they know your neighborhood and how to sell it to potential buyers.

Establish the value of your home

One vital aspect of a successful real estate sale is pricing your home correctly. Doing so will ensure your home is attractive to potential buyers and sells quickly. Often, houses with an inflated list price stay on the market longer, become overlooked by buyers, and eventually need to be reduced, making the home more challenging to market.

On the other hand, you want to make money on your home sale, so you do not want to undervalue the home either. If the price is too minimal, potential buyers may think there are maintenance issues with the house that are driving the price down. Since buyers tend to negotiate the list price, you want to list your home reasonably from the beginning versus potentially losing money on the sale.

Working with a skilled real estate agent can help you finalize the best price for your home. Using a comparative market analysis, they will evaluate other similar homes sold in your area and see where your home fits. By following their recommendation on the list price, they can help you generate more interest in your home and increase how many offers you receive.

Improvements to amplify the value of your home

Perform decluttering and cleaning

When it is time to place your home on the market, you will want to perform as much decluttering as possible. Remove photos, pictures, toys, and trinkets. Stow away extra blankets and other home décor items to make your space tidy and inviting. Buyers will more easily envision living in the area by creating a pristine environment.

Once the decluttering process is complete, hire a professional cleaning company to clean your home thoroughly. Ensure you instruct them to dust and clean each surface, including walls, ceilings, baseboards, light switches, and other areas easily overlooked during routine cleaning.

Enhance the curb appeal of your home

The next item to address is the curb appeal of your home. While you are sure buyers will love your home's numerous upscale amenities and features, if it is dull and uninteresting on the outside, you could be losing a potential sale. By investing in your home's curb appeal, your home will stand out from the competition.

One of the best and easiest opportunities to increase your home's curb appeal is to hire a professional landscaping company. They will trim bushes, clean up flower beds, remove weeds and other unsightly vegetation, and place mulch throughout the yard to make it look fresh and appealing. They can even help you plant flowers and other flora to enhance your home's appeal. Be sure to place distinctive pots near the front door and fill them with colorful flowers.

Look at your front door since this is where potential buyers will first enter your Carmel Valley house for sale. Consider a fresh coat of paint or replacing the door if it is unsightly and needs repair. Additionally, check out your home's paint condition and make sure it is not peeling or faded. If it needs attention, hire a professional painting company to upgrade the look of your home instantly.

Lastly, just as you had the inside of your home cleaned, be sure the outside receives the same attention. Have windows professionally washed both inside and outside. Repair screens and fix any window that is not operating correctly. If you have siding, decking, sidewalks, or a driveway, have these surfaces professionally power washed so they are clean and well-maintained.

Hire a professional stager and professional photographer

Pictures are powerful marketing tools, especially in the real estate profession. Most buyers first view properties online, so you want to make sure what they see reflects the beauty of your home both on the inside and the outside. One way to ensure your home receives the attention it deserves is to hire a professional stager. Because professional stagers understand current trends, how color and design can influence a space, and the value of luxury amenities, they can transform your space to reflect the appealing lifestyle you want to portray.

It is time to engage a professional photographer after staging to capture images that show your home to its best advantage. Their knowledge of lighting and composition will ensure each photo reflects the beauty of your home, making it appealing to potential home buyers. This goes back to the importance of using a skilled agent, as they should already have relationships with industry leading stagers and photographers.

When it is time to market your home in Carmel Valley, contact Martin Correia and SD Favorite Team. Their market knowledge, negotiating expertise, and experience selling Carmel Valley real estate ensure their clients experience a seamless real estate transaction.

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