You Picked a Winner When You Chose San Diego’s Favorite Son!

Were you with us for our Client Appreciation Day at the Del Mar Races? We can’t thank you enough for coming out, socializing, enjoying the beautiful day, and for your continued support. We’re so happy to have you in our family! See the video above to watch a recap of the fun day. You all look great! Look forward to more memories with you.

Full Transcript:
Hey everybody, San Diego’s Favorite Son and we are here at the annual Day at the Races Client Appreciation Event for…who? My best people! My clients! We’re having a great time at one of the most amazing backdrops in San Diego: The Del Mar Racetrack. That’s right. You know, it’s a favorite of mine and I can’t wait for you to see footage of us just, you know, doing what we do best, having a little bit of food teasing each other, you have maybe a couple of cocktails. I don’t know, but you know what? I can’t wait to go out there and be with them. In the interim, you know, how I alwasy say: “thanks so much for stopping by and make it a great day.”

It’s Ryan here at Martin Correia’s Del Mar event and we’re here with Eric. Eric, how long have you known Martin for?

Eric: Going on almost five years now. It’s been awhile.

Ryan: He’s helped you with some of your housing needs. Maybe list at house?

Guest: He helped me get into the house I’m in right now! Yeah – it was actually a Saturday. I was just driving by, saw the sign, called him. He was at the gym and dropped everything and was there in like 45 minutes, showed me the house and we closed 6 or 7 days later.

Ryan: So, how long have you known Martin for?

Guest: Known Martin for about the last four years. He helped us find our first house. It was a smooth deal. Had a great experience with it. We love the house. We’re never going to move again. And I actually referred my parents to him and they actually moved down to San Diego and used him to buy their first house down here. Now yeah, he’s part of the family now.

Guest: Michael Simpkins. I’ve met Martin with some family friends probably in the last five years, but we just got to know him really well in the last year for constructing the house. We’ve met him in uh, October. We were moved into our new place and sold our old place by December, so it went very quickly.

Ryan: We know Martin works all over downtown, LA Jolla, all over the county. But if you had a referral for him, you definitely would send them over to Martin to use for their real estate name?

Guest: Absolutely. It was quick and as painless as it can be.

Ryan: All right. Well, we appreciate it and, uh, go pick a winner. Okay. Alrighty.

Martin: Everybody, we are just so excited. Dominique and I from the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank you. Thank you for, for being family. Thank you for, for being such incredible people in our lives. You know, this is a quite an honor for us to just have an event like this where we can say thank you. So, you know, we always say “Thank you so much for stopping by and make it a great day.”