Yokohama Friendship Bell

Martin: Everybody, San Diego’s favorite son and I’m out here in point Loma, because I want to share with you a little slice of information that a lot of people don’t realize. Right here behind me is a friendship representation between Yokohama and San Diego. It was established back in 1957 as a form of arrangement of peace, respect for each culture, unique and special in its own regards. And it’s really neat to also just learn about how the cultures have evolved. And ultimately they have also added certain things.

So not only the bell, you’re looking at the rock behind me, you look behind, there’s also the beautiful plum tree. Then of course, there’s the beautiful statue of the girl with the red shoes. I think it’s really special. If you haven’t been out here and even growing up in point Loma, many people don’t even know it’s here, come out and just spend a couple of minutes and enjoy the view. Everybody. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving and of course, make it a great day.