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Detached homes in Coronado are median price point of $2.5 million. Attached is $1.5 million, and about 13 days on market, which is pretty interesting because last year it was about 60. And some fun facts about where we are right now at the hotel Del. Actually the person who wrote the Wizard of Oz, Frank Baum, he got his inspiration from the Hotel Del because he actually lived here himself. And his original house is still here with a little memorabilia of wizard of Oz. So pretty cool....

It's amazing because the values are going up. It's really been a big year for La Jolla. It's an incredible community. There's so much to discuss. The walkability of the village. You've got the shores, which we're right next to, adjacent to right now. We're right over here by Scripps. You also have the views West facing, my favorite view actually in San Diego. One of my top three is on the South side of La Jolla facing down towards PV....

You know, you're taking away the natural environment and the aesthetics. But we have a housing crisis and this was one way to leapfrog and support what is really badly needed here. You know, this is all on a river Riverwalk. Okay. That's a no-brainer. But it's interesting, you know historically you couldn't build on this. But with technology, and a lot of the development of what's going on with structural development and engineering and so forth, now they're putting buildings in here. And you know, that's why one of the issues with Qualcomm as a stadium was, you know, it's got 30 feet of water underneath. People don't realize. It wasn't just about keeping the Chargers....

We're having fun because we're on day number nine of San Diego communities for Christmas. We're bringing it to you. We've been everywhere. We're doing our thing. We're having a blast. And, you're located in such a great proximity to get to the freeway, to shops, to anywhere. Right. So we can go on and on because that's how Del Cerro rolls. Excuse me, boy. I'll tell you. We must be on day nine because I'm tongue tied. Hey, if you want to understand how to get into this community, reach out to us. If you want to understand how to market this community, because we got to market communities along with marketing the home in today's day and age, you know, reach out. San Diego's favorite team, the website's right there. Thanks so much for stopping by....

And a lot of these homes were built incredibly well and a lot of them have gone through some sort of upgrade. So, you know don't get scared with the age of a home. We all could use a little nip and tuck, but that's for another story As you look around and you see some of the communities here. Right here, Ginseng was actually my first time doing yoga when I had my little experience. That's right. You know, I get down with it. But hey, if you want to get OM with me, or if you want to talk marketing the sale of your home, or you want to get into this community, who knows South park, like San Diego's favorite team? So, hey, thank you so much for stopping by....

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