University Heights: 12 Days of San Diego Communities for Christmas

University Heights: 12 Days of San Diego Communities for Christmas

Martin: Everybody’s San Diego’s favorite son, Martin Correia. And I’m here with the lovely and talented–

Kira: Kira Kennedy, San Diego’s favorite team.

Martin: That’s right. Where are we today?

Kira: We are in University Heights.

Martin: Wow. And you know what? the sign didn’t tell you, Kira just did. We are on day four of 12 communities of San Diego for Christmas. Favorite time of the year. And you know what, let’s talk a little bit about this amazing community University Heights.

Kira: Yeah. I love this community, personally. We’re standing right in the heart of everything. You got craft cocktail bars, cafes, really awesome food, good vegetarian options. There’s one of my favorites there, Plumeria, really great Thai food. But I love how walkable and family-friendly, but also just how relaxed it is here.

Martin: You know, look. Excuse me, because I’m getting a little hungry just as she’s describing. You know, what’s also great about some of this is the gentrification that occurred already about 12 years ago. I remember when I was listening to client just right down the street and you know, it’s the walkability as she mentioned, but not only that you’ve got some amazing businesses in they’re struggling. Hey, you know what? Don’t get me started on this whole COVID thing because we really miss them. We want them to come back, support your businesses on a little side note, speaking of which let’s talk a little real estate, what do you got Kira?

Kira: So real estate wise, medium price of a detached home here is about $839,000 attached, about $449,000. We’re seeing about 10 days on market. And there you go from real estate stats.

Martin: There it is. You know, what’s also really cool about the Ridge, right? So if you go along the Ridge, what I’m referring to is right above the eight freeway, 163 coming down. Well, that’s kind of, University Heights kind of goes right around that. The views are breathtaking. Unbelievable. So you got wide streets, old school, big lots, just these amazing charming [bungalows]. Absolutely.

So if you’re into any of that type of jam, if that feels good to you, you know, reach out to San Diego’s favorite team. We want to show you something special. Matter of fact, I got a couple that are coming on the market that nobody else knows, but I I’ve got something for you. So again, thank you so much for stopping by San Diego!

Kira: And as always, make it a great day!