South Park: 12 Days of San Diego Communities for Christmas

South Park: 12 Days of San Diego Communities for Christmas

Kira: What was that street you were telling me you liked?

Martin: You know, it’s Granada. It’s a beautiful wide… Look who’s here! Perfect timing. Hey guys! How are you? San Diego’s favorite and Martin Correia. And I’m here with–

Kira: Kira Kennedy, San Diego’s favorite team.

Martin: That’s right. We are in the house and we are in the so cool community of South park. Yeah. Just so cool, and I’ll tell you why. You know, the history and the character is definitely San Diego. You know, it rolls from Golden Heights…

Kira: And the first suburbs, I believe, here.

Martin: Yeah, absolutely. And then you’ve got the park right there. The Balboa golf course Granada, one of the great streets, beautiful homes wide. Huge Craftsmans. Really neat. I put a couple of clients just up the street on that. But you know what, before we get in too much further, let’s talk a little real estate. Do you mind?

Kira: No, of course not. For detached homes you’re looking at $875,000 as the median price. Attached, there’s not as many here, but looking at about $430,000 and we love the Craftsman.

Martin: Yeah, absolutely. And a lot of these homes were built incredibly well and a lot of them have gone through some sort of upgrade. So, you know don’t get scared with the age of a home. We all could use a little nip and tuck, but that’s for another story As you look around and you see some of the communities here.

Right here, Ginseng was actually my first time doing yoga when I had my little experience. That’s right. You know, I get down with it. But hey, if you want to get OM with me, or if you want to talk marketing the sale of your home, or you want to get into this community, who knows South park, like San Diego’s favorite team? So, hey, thank you so much for stopping by. Day seven on the 12 days of communities of San Diego for Christmas.

Kira: And make it a great day as always.