San Marcos: 12 Days of San Diego Communities for Christmas

San Marcos: 12 Days of San Diego Communities for Christmas

Martin: Hey everybody. What’s going on? Martin Correia, San Diego’s favorite son. And you know, I’m with my favorite–

Kira: Kira Kennedy, San Diego’s favorite team.

Martin: That’s right. Kira, I’m going to come out and admit we’re halfway there we’re six days into 12 days of Christmas, but for the first time, I’m somewhere I’ve never been.

Kira: Yep. And I feel really cool to be the person to show it to you. We are, where are we, Martin? Why don’t you tell everyone.

Martin: Oh my gosh. We’re in San Marcos at the Lake. I mean, that’s right. So, you know let’s be real. This place is awesome. If you haven’t been here, you know, let’s go. You got nothing else to do. It’s COVID this is a great place, the walkability. It’s open, it’s amazing. The view is picturesque. You’re looking at just some amazing boats and the lifestyle. Matter of fact, Kira, what does it remind you for you?

Kira: Yeah, it kind of reminds me of a little town called Hawaii Kai, on O’ahu in Hawai’i where I’m from. Just the houses on the Lake, the Lake life, you know, you’ve got standup paddlers. It just reminds me of it.

Martin: It’s, it’s so cool. But you know, we always want to mix in a little bit of real estate. So Kira, why don’t you go ahead and give us a little bit of the 411.

Kira: Yep. For attached homes, you’re looking at $431,000 as the median price. Detach $725,000. It’s a quick 20 days on market for those as well.

Martin: Right. And so we also know the golf courses St. Mark’s is right around the corner outdoorsy. The restaurant, Amalfi, they’re three months old. And unfortunately, you know what they had to shutter just like the rest of us. They’re doing what they can. When we open up we’re back here, we’re having amazing Italian food. You know that, right?

Okay. Also, I want to share a little bit about, okay, when we talk community, San Marcos and what’s been going on, the vibrancy and of course, because of the school systems and the new developments, but you know, there’s also communities– we’re not going to be touching Carlsbad this year, for example. And you know how much I love Carlsbad, the village Juene et Jolie, we went there, right, with our families. That was an amazing experience.

Get there soon. When they open up, it’s going to be a Michelin star.  I’m telling you, it’s coming. It’s happening for real. The experience is amazing, but I really, really enjoy this experience. It’s cool. It’s for the families, it’s something special. You need to get out here, especially if you’re from San Diego.

Kira: Don’t sleep on San Marcos.

Martin: That’s right. That’s right. Hey, you know, we appreciate you. You want to know more about San Marcos. If you want to know how we incorporate San Marcos when we sell homes out here in this wonderful community, reach out to San Diego’s favorite team, Martin Correia. Thanks so much for stopping by.

Kira: Make it a great day.