San Diego’s Favorite Real Estate Team – Welcome Joe Magnanelli!

Hello Friends! Have you heard the news?! Drumroll please…San Diego’s Favorite Team just got a whole lot better with the addition of the talented and amazing, Joe Magnanelli, San Diego’s Favorite Team’s newest agent. We are ecstatic to have him aboard! Watch this video to “meet” Joe.

Joe: Hey everyone, Joe Magnanelli here. As many of you know, I have traded in my chef gear for a new role in the real estate world. I couldn’t be more excited to let you guys know that I’ve joined Compass real estate, which is my dream job in this industry, and I’m super excited. And it gets better, if you can even believe that. I have joined one of my favorite people and one of my favorite teams, San Diego’s favorite team, with San Diego’s favorite son, Martin Correia. I couldn’t be more excited to get this thing going. And what this means for me is an amazing opportunity. But what it is for you is the value that our team can bring to the community, helping anybody out with their real estate needs. And I’m just so excited. I’m so fired up and I can’t wait to get started and I don’t even know where to begin.

Martin: Joe!

Joe: Hey, what’s going on, Martin?

Martin: What are you doing in my kitchen?

Joe: Dude. I can’t wait to get started. I’m so fired up. I’m pumped up. I’m ready to go. Are you ready?

Martin: All right, well I’m ready. But… Let’s get the jacket on.

Joe: All right, get the jacket.

Martin: Did you make coffee?

Joe: I made coffee. I’ve got coffee right here ready to go for you. How do you like your eggs by the way?

Martin: Oh, here you go. Well, hey. Welcome.

Joe: Thank you. I’m excited. Super excited.

Martin: We’re excited as well. You know what we always say at the end of our videos?

Joe: Do I get to say it? Are you letting me say it?

Martin: Go ahead, kid.

Joe: Make it a great day.

Martin: Cheers.

We are so grateful for our growing team. If you haven’t already, help us give Joe a warm welcome. Reach out to say hello, and give him a follow to keep up with all the great things he’s doing!