Ocean Beach: 12 Days of San Diego Communities for Christmas

Ocean Beach: 12 Days of San Diego Communities for Christmas

Martin: Hey everybody. San Diego’s favorite son, Martin Correia. And I’m here with the lovely and talented–

Kira: Kira Kennedy, San Diego’s favorite team.

Martin: That’s right. Hey Kira, where are we?

Kira: We are in Ocean Beach, or ‘OB’ as the locals like to call it.

Martin: That’s right. And did they know that it’s the 12 days of communities in San Diego for Christmas?

Kira: I think they did. I think they knew it was number five and they got the tree up ready to go for us.

Martin: They are ready to rock. And you know what? I love Ocean Beach. I just, the memories and the shops. And look, what’s happening right here. You got the hustle. If I don’t make it a real estate, Hey, I’m painting. This is where I want to be. That place is just cool. And all the boutique shops, and it’s really thrifty and neat and cool and hip. So. All right, we’re going to shift gears a little bit. Okay. Let’s talk a little bit about real estate.

Kira: Real estate stats on the attached home you’re looking at $590, 2000 as the medium price. Detached $1.2m, and then a quick 26 days on market for those. Demographics here. There’s roughly 30,000 people with a median age of about 36.

Martin: Yeah. You know, it’s, it’s an incredible opportunity to starter home, duplexes, you know, it’s one of the communities that has so much. It’s insulated from a lot of different traffic and so forth, but the walkability’s really high.

Kira: Definitely. You have dog beach, sunset cliffs. I mean, just on Newport alone, you can go to Winston’s for a concert and get sushi and you don’t even have to walk 5 steps.

Martin: Oh, and you know, speaking of sunset cliffs, you know, when we used to cruise down that was where we used to go. And you know, one of them was Correia cove because we had too many Correias hanging out… That’s for another story. Right. Totally.

Look, if you are looking to get into this amazing community, you know what? San Diego’s favorite team is ready to help you. If you’re looking to sell, to give a maximum exposure, because you know what? Look, I’m with you OB. I went to grade school right down the street at Sacred Heart. Absolutely. We can do that. Hey, we’re here to help you. I hope everyone’s doing well. And thank you so much for stopping by.

Kira: Make it a great day.