North Park: Day 10 of 12 Days of Neighborhoods in San Diego

North Park: Day 10 of 12 Days of San Diego Neighborhoods

Martin: Kira, look who’s here!?

Kira: Oh, Hey Nicolette.

Martin: Hey, what’s going on? San Diego’s Favorite Son, Martin Correia. I’m here with Kira Kennedy.

Kira: San Diego’s Favorite Team in the house.

Martin: How’s it going? Alright. We are here at one of my – Hey, you know what? Did we not bring the best out of everyone, right?

Kira: We bring it all the time.

Martin: Right now we’re at The Original 40. This place is wonderful. If you haven’t been here, come on out because we’re right here in North Park. What I love about this place, well there’s several things – besides from the fact that of course Steve Billings, one of my good friends, is the owner of this establishment, but if you look at some of the aesthetics, right here, it is just dialed in. They are so ready for Christmas and the beers are outstanding, right?

Kira: Yeah, the interior design is on point.

Martin: It’s on point. We’re having a little bit of the ‘Schlock Purist’ I recommend that – it’s a Pilsner. Delicious. Right? Cheers to that. So, that being said, we want to talk a little bit also about North Park. Kira, what do you got?

Kira: Yeah. North Park is a really fun hip, kinda, um, urban area. There’s lots of breweries, craft cocktails, lots of fun stuff here. Um, the real estate statistics, you can get into um – for a detached home, you’re looking at $727,000 for a detached home. For an attached home $388,000. Median age is 35. Average income, you’re looking at about $60,000.

Martin: Got it. You know, it’s interesting. During the recession, this community, actually South park leading into it, there was just a real organic growth that happened. And so you saw a lot of great families coming in that couldn’t originally afford it and came in and now they’ve established roots here. Businesses have gone wild, as you mentioned. So this place and this right here, The Original 40, you got to come out. It’s, it’s awesome. The food, if you can’t tell. Um, yeah, it’s good. So, you know, look, we love ya. Hope everyone’s doing well. Thank you so much for stopping by.

Kira: Make it a great day.