Mission Valley: 12 Days of San Diego Communities for Christmas!

Kira: Watch out tiger woods.

Martin: Look who’s here.

Kira: What’s up guys?

Martin: Hey, how are you? San Diego’s Favorite Son Martin Correia. I’m here with the lovely and talented–

Kira: Kira Kennedy, San Diego’s Favorite Team.

Martin: We are almost there. That’s it. Day number 10 of the 12 days of communities of San Diego for Christmas. And we’re here at one of–it’s a big moment for me because there’s a lot of nostalgia–we’re here at Riverwalk. And I’m going to get into a little bit of why in a bit, but don’t you love it?

Kira: Yeah, it’s gorgeous. It’s so picturesque and, love it here.

Martin: Yeah. So back in the day it used to be actually called Stardust. And it was where I learned to play golf, spent many, many moons with my dad. Just got to really establish that father son bond. And so again, a really great place now called Riverwalk, but it’s going to be going through some transition and change. And I know you’ve got a little 411. So she’s going to go ahead and share that with you.

Kira: Yeah! I’ll start off with some real estate stats. For detached homes you’re looking at $720,000 as the median price. Attached, $450,000. Quick 16 days on market. And this is actually going to be developed into a whole community that’s built for transient and public space where people can have live, work and play all in one. We keep talking about that. That’s what people are looking for these days, 4,300 new condos retail. Really cool.

Martin: Right. You know, it’s interesting because there’s a lot of different opinions when this came out. You know, you’re taking away the natural environment and the aesthetics. But we have a housing crisis and this was one way to leapfrog and support what is really badly needed here. You know, this is all on a river Riverwalk. Okay. That’s a no-brainer.

But it’s interesting, you know historically you couldn’t build on this. But with technology, and a lot of the development of what’s going on with structural development and engineering and so forth, now they’re putting buildings in here. And you know, that’s why one of the issues with Qualcomm as a stadium was, you know, it’s got 30 feet of water underneath. People don’t realize. It wasn’t just about keeping the Chargers. That thing is a dump. And that’s why San Diego State’s taken it over, knocking it down and actually kind of rebuilding it from there because it’s got a lot of issues.

You know look. Riverwalk, there are so many great communities. Civita, brand new development going out there. We’ve been showing a couple of homes there recently. The Ridge around here we talked about University Heights. We talked about how, you know, looking down on this view, it’s going to be interesting. What’s going to happen.

What is that view going to look like now? Right. That’s also really important. But you know, and then how much are they going to keep? Are they’re going to keep any of the golf course? I know that there’s been discussions where it’s, you know, partial golf course, you know. Because at the day, you know I love my golf.

Kira: I know it’ll be sad to kind of see this go, too.

Martin: Yeah. And, my golf game should be a lot better, but it’s not. By the way. You know, Veronica, if you’re out there, this is a golf swing. Okay. This is a golf swing, but we’ll talk about that later. She’s one of our favorites out in Seattle and she’s doing her 12 days of Christmas.

Kira: Oh yeah, shout out to Veronica!

Martin: For sure. For sure. Hey, everybody, you know, it’s been a little bit crazy. We know that. Just, just hug everybody. Be nice, be kind, hang in there, have a Merry Christmas and thanks so much for stopping by.

Kira: And make it a great day.