PRESS Release| Martin Correia and Compass Real Estate Sponsor the San Diego Padres

San Diego’s Favorite Real Estate Team announces sponsorship of the 2020 Padres season and the major advertising exposure planned for their clients. Through Compass Real Estate, Martin Correia’s listings will now be displayed on the big screen at Petco park reaching nearly 50,000 viewers at the game and he will have yearlong access to the exclusive Compass Premier Club.

[March 10, 2020] Martin Correia, Principal of MMC Real Estate and Realtor® at Compass Real Estate, has been selected as one of just 10 real estate agents to become a sponsor of the 2020 Padres season.

“Having been an avid sports fan, it was a no-brainer that San Diego’s Favorite Real Estate Team would partner with San Diego’s favorite sports team in supporting our community,” said Correia. “This is a great way to deliver a tremendous added value in elevating the way we showcase our clients’ properties by bringing major advertising exposure to our listings.”

As a Padres sponsor, Correia now has yearlong access to the recently renovated Compass Premier Club, a private restaurant and bar with seating behind home plate. Correia can also invite friends and clients to join him on the field to watch the Padres warm up and get a front view of the pre-game action.

“Throughout my career, I have had the good fortune of representing so many great professional athletes like, Albert Pujols in their real estate transactions,” said Correia. “We treat every client like family and give every listing first class marketing.”

Perhaps the greatest benefit of partnership between Compass Real Estate and the San Diego Padres is the marketing opportunities. Correia’s listings will now be advertised on the giant L-shaped screen in Petco Park, visible throughout games to nearly 50,000 fans. Backed by Compass Real Estate’s powerful online tools, Correia can reach prospective buyers wherever they live and sell homes for their highest price.

“We are always trying to bring more value to our buyers and sellers,” said Correia. “And we also want to give back to San Diego.” Correia is donating tickets for the San Diego Portuguese Heritage Day to attend the September 3rd Padres vs San Francisco Giants to help them raise money for one of San Diego’s oldest historical societies. This community was tightly aligned with the tuna fishing industry which was the second-biggest economy behind Defense in the ’60s and ’70s.

“This sponsorship is exciting for a lot of reasons. I love being a part of the San Diego community and I love being able to do great things for our clients,” said Correia.



As Principal of MMC Real Estate DBA San Diego’s Favorite Team, Martin leads “the” group of real estate consultants better known as San Diego’s Favorite Team. He prides himself on his personal service where a majority of his business comes from referrals and repeating clients. Spoiling his clients is something Martin loves doing while providing sound real estate advice and guiding them through every step of the process. Not looking to meet expectations but exceeding them time after time.


Recognized as the largest renovation since the opening of Petco Park, the Compass Premier Club features an expanded and remodeled bar, retractable windows to watch the game from every angle and the latest technology. Guests enjoy a private VIP experience, in-seat-service, entertainment within the club and access to a Premier Club dining. The Compass Premier Club is an exclusive destination unmatched at Petco Park.


Compass is proud to bring you the exclusive Compass Premier Club at Petco Park. At Compass, our goal is to help everyone find their place in the world by bringing the best in technology, marketing and community to real estate. Our local Compass Premier Club Agents are proud to be your home team and share the passion, drive and competitive spirit of the San Diego Padres. You can count on our expertise in real estate to support all of your needs from the downtown skyline to the coast, inland and beyond.