La Mesa: 12 Days of San Diego Communities for Christmas

La Mesa: 12 Days of San Diego Communities for Christmas

Martin: San Diego’s favorite son Martin Correia coming at you because we’re on day number–

Kira: Two of the 12 days of San Diego Communities for Christmas.

Martin: That’s right. And I love it because where here and the beautiful community of La Mesa, I love it. It’s got that old town vibe. You know, we’re going to get into that a little bit. But we’re going to talk real estate right away because Kira has got some great points.

Kira: Yeah. Median price for a detached home in La Mesa is currently about 675,000. We’ve got about 16,000 people total here of days on market for those homes is really short, about 19 days. I love this community. It just has such a good, good vibes, good feel to it. Lots of mom and pop shops, lots of awesome community events, the car show and tea festivals. And you have lots of awesome outdoor options too. You got Mt Helix, Cowles mountain Lake Murray, lots of family fun.

Martin: I just dig it. Matter of fact, we’re going to, I’m going to parlay that. I’m going to have you come on over here. Let’s walk over because we’re talking about Sheldon’s coffee shop, which is so cool. Come on down. The coffee is just amazing. Some great food. And it actually was a gas station, believe it or not from, from the mayor. Back in 1920, Sheldon was one of the initial mayors of La Mesa. Worked in developing the future and vision of San Diego. So it’s just so cool because you know, I love selling homes, but more important, what do I love?

Kira: You love the communities and the people that belong to them.

Martin: Yeah. It’s just a Mormon heart. So if you have any interest in learning more about La Mesa, you know what? Give us a call at San Diego’s favorite son, San Diego’s favorite team. Matter of fact, La Mesa’s favorite team. Martin Correia. Thanks so much for stopping by.

Kira: Make it a great day!