La Jolla: Day 1 of the 12 Days of San Diego Neighborhoods

Martin: San Diego’s Favorite Team – that’s right! Kira Kennedy, love her having her on the team. We’re starting something today that just – it’s the best time of the year. And what is that?

Kira: Twelve days of San Diego neighborhoods.

Martin: That’s right. And we go around and we talk about your favorite neighborhoods. And today we’re here in La Jolla where it all starts. And where are we right now, Kira?

Kira: The pink lady.

Martin: The two pink ladies. I love that. I love that. And so before we go any further and talk about LaValencia, tell us a little bit about what’s going on.

Kira: Yeah, so there’s about 30,000 people in La Jolla, an average, median age of 48.

Martin: Whoa. Okay. I’m 50 so I’m okay. Right?

Kira: Yeah, you’re good. The average single-family home price is $2.1 million and average days on the market is about 60.

Martin: Wow, Okay, that’s awesome. Awesome. And so just want to tell you LaValencia, which we call “lobby” from a local perspective. A great hotel that has hosted or been a hostess to stars and great memories and, and weddings and so forth. You’ve got to come down and grab a little hot toddy because it’s the perfect time of the year to come and make it a visit. And we really do appreciate you and thank you so much for stopping by. And of course, what else?

Kira: Make it a great day!