La Jolla: 12 Days of San Diego Communities for Christmas!

Martin: Hey everybody. San Diego’s Favorite Son. And I’m here with the talented–

Kira: Miss Kira today.

Martin: That’s right. And we are with the helper. Aren’t we?

Kira: Yes we are, a favorite little helper.

Martin: What’s your name?


Martin: MJ. And who’s your daddy? That would be me. So I am so fortunate because MJ wanted to talk La Jolla today, right? And for Christmas, which is awesome. And we’re on 12 days of, you know, communities in San Diego for Christmas.

Kira: Yes we are on day 11.

Martin: Right, day 11. This is an amazing spot. You can’t miss it. I mean, look, gorgeous. 77 degrees. Hey, relocation people. I keep telling you, what are you waiting for? Right? This is heaven. Kira, let’s talk a little bit about La Jolla. We can’t wait to hear it, right? Yeah.

Kira: Yes. For detached homes, you’re looking at a median price of $2.5 million. Attached homes, $1 million. You’ve got beautiful oceanfront condos here.About a 44 days on market for those. And there’s about 45,000 people here.

Martin: It’s amazing because the values are going up. It’s really been a big year for La Jolla. It’s an incredible community. There’s so much to discuss. The walkability of the village. You’ve got the shores, which we’re right next to, adjacent to right now. We’re right over here by Scripps. You also have the views West facing, my favorite view actually in San Diego. One of my top three is on the South side of La Jolla facing down towards PV.

Kira: Oh yeah, La Jolla Mesa area, yep.

Martin: Unbelievable. So we can go on and on. Look, you know, we love La Jolla. It’s where we hang our hat on our office. But we have a quick question. So MJ, what would you like for Christmas this year?

MJ: A Batman mobile that’s black and yellow, and a red and a blue Ferrari, blue car. It’s bigger.

Kira: Oh wow.

Martin: Okay. So, daddy’s got to sell some homes, huh? To make that happen. Yeah. Okay. Well boy, Santa’s got–phew–Santa’s got quite a bit of work to do. Hey, you know, we love La Jolla. We love to help you out any way that we can. I want to thank all my La Jolla clients for all the continuous support. Kira, like we always say, thanks so much for stopping by.

Kira: Make it a great day!