Kensington/Talmadge: Day 9 of 12 Days of Neighborhoods in San Diego

Kensington: Day 9 of 12 Days of Neighborhoods in San Diego

Martin: Hi Everybody. San Diego’s Favorite Son, Martin Correia, and I’m here with Kira Kennedy.

Kira: Yep. San Diego’s Favorite Team!

Martin: Love it. Love it. You know, we’re just having a great time because right now we’re on day 9 – day 9 of 12 Neighborhoods of San Diego for Christmas. We love bringing it to you and right now we are where Kira?

Kira: We are at the Ken Theater in Kensington on Adam’s Avenue.

Martin: Yeah, and that means we’re right next door to…

Kira: Bleu Boheme.

Martin: Bleu Boheme. Oh, I just love it. The park. And of course, that also means we’re right next to Kensington. And right next to Kensington, the little junior Kensington, I like to say, is Talmadge – it’s super cool. You know, one of the things that that’s cool about Kensington and Talmadge is, they’re very community, very tight-knit.

Kira: You know your neighbors.

Martin: 100% right? You’re going to throw, and it’s not uncommon for one of the people that go out and say, okay, I’m pulling the barbecue and resources coming in and bringing the libations, right. Yanno, four o’clock – cocktail. You hear, you hear the rocks right, and the glass and everybody’s coming out. Bringing the dog and having a great time. So really dynamic. What about the properties? Tell me a little bit about the homes because I know you’ve got to view on that.

Kira: Yeah. The homes here in uh, in Kensington, um, you know, they’re a little bit more historic homes so, older neighborhood. Um, the Ken theater for example, where we’re at has been here since 1910. Um, and you know, you’re going to see a lot of Spanish-Colonial homes. Um, craftsmen, even if you, you know, you look along Adams Avenue, and you look at some of the storefronts that are out of little cottages. And it’s just a really, really cute little single-story homes. Um, for, uh, the price of a single-family, you’re looking at $745,000 um, and 28 days on market. For an attached home, you’re looking at $376,000 and only 23 days on market.

Martin: Yeah, and remember when we’re taking these numbers, we’re taking also some of the surrounding areas. When you go into Kensington, I’m going to tell you those numbers are going to be quite a bit higher when you’re talking about days on market. It really does turn over pretty quickly. Uh, it’s a valued area by, by many. Uh, you know, it’s no longer was the hidden gem. The secret’s out – hate to say. Also along the Ridge. Tremendous views on both Kensington and Talmadge. Um, so it’s just a really neat…

Kira: Also location too. I mean, I got here in 15 minutes from PB. It’s like nothing

Martin: Unbelievable, right? So the freeway’s right here, uh, have to go have a drink and Bleu Boheme. Uh, do your thing. By the way I love that restaurant. Ya gotta go there, it’s really awesome.

Kira: Maybe after we can hit it up.

Martin: Okay. I hear ya. Hey, listen, we appreciate you for taking the time to stop on by and, you know, uh, I hope everybody is being safe on the roads. We’re not quite there on Christmas, but, uh, you know, be nice to everyone.

Kira: And make it a great day everybody!