Escondido: 12 Days of San Diego Communities for Christmas

Escondido: 12 Days of San Diego Communities for Christmas

Martin: Love the signs.

Kira: I know I’m just the bench! Look how cool this is. North County license plate.

Martin: Speaking of which, look who’s here.

Kira: What’s up guys?

Martin: How are you? Martin Correia, San Diego’s favorite son. And I’m here with the lovely, intelligent

Kira: Karen Kennedy, San Diego’s favorite team.

Martin: That’s right. Kira, we are here. The O.G. Of San Diego.

Kira: Escondido baby.

Martin: That just happened on the corner of Juniper and Grand. I mean, bring your 64 and get ready to cruise because that’s what they do out here. I love this place because there’s a lot of history. We’re always talking about history and culture. Well, it’s really maintained here. And I know you’ve got a couple tidbits for us, so why don’t you go ahead and take it away.

Kira: Yeah. Real estate wise, you’re looking at $630,000 as a median price for a detached home, $375 for an attached home. And we were just driving through the really cool historic little district of all the old homes that were built in the 1880s. Yeah.

Martin: They’re in, it’s really cool. They do kind of an old historic tour every year and–

Kira: Right, on Mother’s Day they do the old homes tour.

Martin: It’s so cool. And you know, what’s also really cool is when you drive into this community, you get a little bit of that nostalgia, almost an East coast vibe. You know, you see some of the trees here. I mean, you feel the seasons, you see the seasons, you know.

Hey, Escondido clients are asking, tell me more, tell me more. And we’re taking them out here because it makes sense for a lot of people that want more of a land starter home and so forth. And especially if they’re coming from out and they want to maintain maybe that Midwest some sort of vibe and it’s got it here. Look, we can go on and on all day long, you know that right? I mean, I’m going to be going across to Burger Bench here in about two seconds, but we just thank you so much for taking the time.

Kira: As always, make it a great day.

Martin: Hey, bubble gum?

Kira: Yeah, here you go.