Downtown San Diego: Day 2 of 12 San Diego Neighborhoods

Martin: Hey Everybody – San Diego’s Favorite Son, Martin Correia. And I’m here with the lovely Kira Kennedy.

Kira: Thank you. San Diego’s Favorite Team!

Martin: I love it. I love it. And Kira, where are we right now?

Kira: We are at the Manchester Development in Downtown San Diego.

Martin: Right, pacific gate, a little corner quarter, and we’re going to show you that in a little bit, but yanno, we’re right in front of one of the coolest pieces of art here in downtown. Yeah. It’s called ‘Pacific Soul,’ done by Jaume Plensa. “Jaume Plensa.” Get that going there. But it’s really cool, because you know, a lot of the development that’s going on, you know, we’ve always seen, uh, along the Marina or Columbia district and this is bridging the gap. As a matter of fact, come on over here. I want you to take a look over here. This is one of the new, little cafes which is really cool. And this is called NIMA cafe. Also, can be used for events. Matter of fact, it’s connected to one of my new favorite restaurants Animae.

Kira: I need to go.

Martin: Oh, it’s unbelievable. But it’s really cool. I was just talking to Joe who is one of the best, uh, chefs here in San Diego, who was just saying, you know, come on down. You have an experience, you got to do it. But I know you also had some points with regards to not only Manchester but maybe something downtown, share it, please.

Kira: Yeah, I was just really excited about the Manchester development in 8 blocks of waterfront. Really just connecting downtown, to that waterfront. There’s going to be over 1000 hotel rooms and convetion space. Retail where young professionals bring their clients and yanno, not have to jump their cars and can just walk to all the world-renowned restaurants that downtown has to offer.

Martin: Oh my gosh. Well, that’s cool. And I want to show you that in a second. Tell me a little bit about some of the stats here for real estate.

Kira: So downtown is obviously really young and fun and hip. Median age is about 38. Right along with the population is about 38,000. The average price for an attached home, obviously here in downtown, we have condos and high-rises, is about $535,000. Average days on market is about 44.

Martin: Okay, awesome. I love it. We’ve gone through a little bit of correction on the high end. You should know that there’s some really great opportunities. Of course, you know you can call and we’ll help you out with that. But I want to take you on over here cause we’re just going to finish up so you can see a little bit of the Manchester Belt as I like to call it. But it is going to be outstanding. Super cool. Um, you know, we just want to make sure that, you know, we’re here on day 2, day 2: San Diego’s, uh, neighborhoods for Christmas. And we’ll be coming at you every day. Love ya. Thank you so much for stopping by.

Kira: Make it a great day.