Del Cerro: 12 Days of San Diego Communities for Christmas!

Martin: Hey Everyone, San Diego’s Favorite Son. We’re having fun because we’re on day number nine of San Diego communities for Christmas. We’re bringing it to you. We’ve been everywhere. We’re doing our thing. We’re having a blast.

Kira: Covering some ground.

Martin: That’s right. Eating some food. I’m not gonna lie to ya. We’re at a community that we know very well. I actually grew up you know, here where a lot of alumni lived. I went to University of San Diego High School–go Dons! We sold a listing not too long ago, and continue to be reminded of how amazing this community is. And I think as we talk a little bit more about it, I’m going to start, let Kara take some of the stats and we’ll go from there.

Kira: Sure! Detached homes, you’re looking at a median price of about $790,000. Attached, $330,000. There’s roughly 30,000 people here, and a median age of 40.

Martin: Yeah. So it’s amazing because one of the things you learn, and continue to be reminded is a community like this, number one community to raise a family.

Kira: Yeah. It’s super safe. Just all, all these families hanging out, having a great time just feels great.

Martin: Oh yeah. The school system is strong, and I think we probably touched on that. But there’s also some other things that I think are happening. You’re seeing a lot of homes being upgraded. They’re nice. You’ve got a combination of single level two levels, whatever the case may be. You go over on Norman side, you’ve got amazing views, expansive all the way to the coast.

Kira: Oh yeah, all the way to San Clemente.

Martin: And, you’re located in such a great proximity to get to the freeway, to shops, to anywhere. Right. So we can go on and on because that’s how Del Cerro rolls. Excuse me, boy. I’ll tell you. We must be on day nine because I’m tongue tied. Hey, if you want to understand how to get into this community, reach out to us. If you want to understand how to market this community, because we got to market communities along with marketing the home in today’s day and age, you know, reach out. San Diego’s favorite team, the website’s right there. Thanks so much for stopping by.

Kira: Make it a great day.