Day 3 of 12 Days of San Diego Neighborhoods in Rancho Sante Fe

Day 3 of 12 Days of San Diego Neighborhoods Rancho Sante Fe

Martin: What’s going on, everybody out in the Facebook world. This is Martin Correia – San Diego’s Favorite Son. And I’m here with the lovely and talented Kira Kennedy. Once again..

Kira: San Diego’s Favorite Team.

Martin: That’s it. That’s it. And we’re on day 3 of the “12 Neighborhoods in San Diego for Christmas” and we are at a really special place. Where are we, Kira?

Kira: We are at the Inn in Rancho Santa Fe.

Martin: That’s right. Right. Here in Rancho Santa Fe, which has always been a treat for me and a lot of my family, um, as, as they say, called “The Raunch.” And uh, right now, uh, we’re gonna talk a little bit about some of the cool events that are going on. Matter of fact, right behind us, you’re seeing the Christmas tree being set up in a lot of work for tonight’s event. What’s that called?

Kira: The old fashioned Christmas.

Martin: Wow. I don’t know if they have to say old, but I mean, I get it.

Kira: That’s what they told me inside.

Martin: Okay. All right. And, and, and the old fashioned Christmas. Yeah. Clean fun. Matter of fact, it’s “Soup” fun. What they’re doing is a little competition among the restaurants, uh, for soups and whatever creation that they come out. So it’s really cool. And I think they, they want it to stop at some s’mores, right?

Kira: Yeah, soups and s’mores.

Martin: S’mores. That’s right. That’s how – that just happened. So I’m sure the Soup Nazi is going to be out here, so please.

Kira: No Soup For You!!!

Martin: Okay. Well don’t miss it. It’ll be fun. Come on out here. It’s one of the special treats that, that Rancho of Santa Fe has to offer. And matter of fact, let’s talk a little bit more about Rancho Santa Fe. Kira, what do you got?

Kira: Yeah, Rancho Santa Fe, um, you’re going to have gorgeous estates on one acre Lots are larger. There’s big equestrian community here. Um, you’re gonna see lots of orchards and um, the average price of a home is about $2.5 million. Average days on market, along with that, you know, on the upper end is going to be about 107 days. Um, demographics, the average age is around 51 and the median, um, income is 131,000.

Martin: You know, it’s interesting. Uh, there was definitely a, a cultural shift that happened post, uh, for lack of better, during post-recession. And as people started to downsize, um, you started to see a little bit of an Exodus out of this community. Um, there has been a recovery of sorts. Um, a lot of the Lots, uh, in landscaping were, were minimized. So supposed having a lot of grass, they went with a lot of low irrigation. Um, cause the costs were pretty high. And you know, you’re talking with Lots that big. It was quite a burden. Um, but you know what, uh, the Ranch is special. There’s no doubt. And excuse me, “the Raunch” is special. There’s no doubt. And if you ever, if you haven’t been out here, come on out here. Um, especially this hotel, it’s just beautiful and exquisite. We just loved the fact that you spend time with us. So thank you so much for stopping by Kira…

Kira: Make it a great day and have a great week everybody.

Martin: Peace.