Coronado: Day 12 of 12 Days of San Diego Neighborhoods

Coronado: Day 12 of 12 Days of Neighborhoods in San Diego

Nicolette: What’s going on guys? I’m Nicolette. I’m filling in for Martin Correia, San Diego’s Favorite Son. Doing my best Martin, if I can. Here with Kira Kennedy.

Kira: San Diego’s Favorite Team in the house.

Nicolette: Yup, go, go. We’re here at the Hotel Del.

Kira: In Coronado, yes we are for our 12th day of our 12 neighborhoods of Christmas. We’re ending it with a bang, um, at the Hotel Del, it’s a Winter Wonderland here. Got the ice rink. You got all these cute little Wonderland trees and setups going on. Um, but we just had to end it on Coronado, cuz it’s just such an amazing community. Um, amazing beaches. Um, lots of rich history here. Um, so much fun things to do, restaurants. It’s almost like taking a step back in time with their really cute little mom and pop shops here.

Nicolette: Yes, it really is timeless over here. It’s beautiful.

Kira: And to get into some real estate stats, um, you’re looking at $2 million for an average price of a detached home. For an attached, um, $1.3M. About 75 days on the market here and about 2,400 people here are 24,000 people rather here in Coronado.

Nicolette: Wow. Yeah. Well, we are just enjoying the day. Loving it over here. The sun is out. Going to go to enjoy some hot toddies in a little bit…

Martin: Let’s be honest. Did you really think I was going to stay out of this for much longer? Hey everybody, San Diego’s Favorite Son, the real deal, holy field.

Kira: And the whole team.

Martin: You know what? Listen, we wish you all the very best. God bless you. Happy Hanukkah. Merry Christmas. They’re all coming along the way, you know, be nice to one another. We all deserve it. And you know what? Thank you so much for stopping by the past 12 days of Neighborhoods of San Diego because we just love this city and we love selling it. Let us know how we can help you. And of course, ladies…

Nicolette & Kira: Make it a great day!