Chula Vista Bayfront: Day 11 of 12 Days of Neighborhoods in San Diego

Chula Vista Bayfront: Day 11 of 12 Days of San Diego Neighborhoods for Christmas

Martin: Kira! Guess who’s here?

Kira: Oh, Hey, San Diego!

Martin: What’s going on? Martin Correia, San Diego’s Favorite Son. I’m here with Kira Kennedy.

Kira: San Diego’s Favorite Team in the house.

Martin: That’s it. That’s it. You know what, Kira, guess where we are?

Kira: We are at, Chula Vista.

Martin: Chula Vista. What’s up everybody? You know what, what a great community. What a big community.

Kira: Yeah, 270,000 people,

Martin: Unbelievable. Second fastest?

Kira: 5 zip codes. Second fastest-growing city in the nation according Forbes Magazine.

Martin: Ya know, it’s interesting, that in the early 2000’s, mid-2000’s, right before the recession – some of the developments, uh, that were constructed, uh, were one of the top in the country. And unfortunately when the recession came, like many other communities, it got crushed. It really did. And you’re seeing a resurgence. Matter of fact, we’re here right now, of course, taking in the beautiful view. We’ve got Coronado. We’ve got Point Loma, in the background, this specific area inside going under development as well.

Kira: Yeah, that Bayfront development here’s 500 acres. One of the largest developments happening in Southern California right now. It’s just going to be amazing. There’s going to be hiking trails, bike parks, hotels, resorts, convention centers, retail, dining, everything. It’s just going to bring us so much – millions to the economy, tons of job opportunities. It’s going to be awesome.

Martin: And we know the values are going to creep up and you know, this is, and it’s not going to happen overnight, right? We know that. This is a massive, massive development plan that they have laid out. But you know what? Good on Chula Vista because it’s going to be amazing, right? So, uh, what else do we got? Right now, we’re on Day 11 of 12 Neighborhoods for San Diego for Christmas. We’re having a blast, right?

Kira: I’m sad it’s ending.

Martin: I know. Such a sweet party, but you know what? Hey, we appreciate you taking the time. Love all the feedback, love the comments, keep them coming. Thanks so much for, you know, just, just stopping by…

Kira: And make it a great day everybody!