Carmel Valley: Day 8 of 12 Neighborhoods in San Diego

Carmel Valley: Day 8 of 12 Neighborhoods in San Diego

Martin: Hey everybody, what’s going on? San Diego’s Favorite Son, Martin Correia, and I’m here with Kira Kennedy Wentz. How’s it going?

Kira: Good, we’re on our 8th day of San Diego’s 12 Neighborhood’s of Christmas.

Martin: Yeah, yeah, we are. We’re getting there. We’re getting through all of this and we’re having a great time doing it. And right now we’re in Carmel Valley at One.

Kira: Paseo.

Martin: That’s right. So really cool development and actually it’s really interesting. It had a lot of the community people in an uproar. Too much traffic, too much congestion. You know, worried about aesthetics. Was it going to be the right play? And I was one of them and I think I’m wrong. I think this place is rocking.

Martin: Yeah, it’s really rocking. Have you seen some of the shops here?

Kira: Yeah. Lulu Lemon, Sephora.

Martin: The charcuterie place uh, North Italia..

Kira: We could just hang out here arell day.

Martin: Right?! Unfortunately, we have to sell homes. But that’s okay. That’s okay. We’re here at least today and you know, uh, we’re able to talk about really a real strong community, uh, for so many different reasons. And that’s Caramel Valley. So tell us a little bit about what you know about Caramel Valley.

Kira: Yeah, Carmel Valley is a larger San Diego community. There’s about 43,000 people. It’s known as a planned community kind of. Um, the average price of a home is about $1.33M. Um, average price of an attached home is $650,000. So nice price point where families can get in. I know the schools are really good here.

Martin: That’s actually one of the reasons when we had a correction. You know, it maintained values. Because, man, today people still want to send their schools to the best community. Excuse me, I mean to a great school district? And so another place it reminds of is: Solana Beach.

Kira: Yeah.

Martin: Solana Beach is another one that – actually reminds me of Point Loma.

Kira: Right. Definitely. Especially, um, you know, you’re right – hit the nail and head there with the population is about 13,000 people with Point Loma, tight knit community, costal. Um, something cool about Solana that’s different from other coastal communities – it’s known as the arts district. You can get larger Lots in Solanna Beach for a coastal community.

Martin: Yeah the interior design and architectural businesses that are there, it’s exploding, right on Cedros. You have the train station, which is really convenient. Yeah, and, and I’ll tell ya, it was actually one of the highest profit margins or increased values in San Diego. Excuse me.

Kira: Makes a lot of sense. The median price for a home, for a detached home is $1.45M so yeah,

Martin: It’s, it’s really – as you can see Solanna Beach right up there. Unfortunately, we’re not going to personally be there, but we wanted to bring you that little bit of tidbit of information. Hey, I hope everybody’s having a great weekend. We’re getting close to Christmas. Be nice to one another. Okay? All right? I think we all deserve it and thank you so much for stopping by.

Kira: Make it a great day, everybody!