Carlsbad: Day 7 of 12 Days of Neighborhoods in San Diego

Carlsbad: Day 7 of 12 Days of Neighborhoods in San Diego

Kira: Hi everyone. It’s Kira Kennedy with San Diego’s Favorite Team. We are on Day 7 of our 12 Neighborhoods, San Diego neighborhoods, Christmas. We are here in Carlsbad. I’m kind of taking over today. I’m not really sure where Martin is. Um – oh there you are.

Martin: Oh, hey what’s going on Kira? What are ya feeling?

Kira: What are you doing is a better question.

Martin: Well, I’m creeping out in Carlsbad cause you know what, you know I love San Diego and all its areas “per usje”. And I was just over uh, through the Village in Carlsbad of course as the sign says – awesome. It is so cute. Don’t you love it?

Kira: Love it here. I know we never come down enough.

Martin: We don’t, we don’t. And, and it’s funny cause you were mentioning before, you know, some of the aesthetics and you said that the lined trees, super coo,l restaurants blowing up. You know how I love my restaurants, right? Access over there. We’ve got the train station. So boom, drop off. Easy breezy. Right? Not a problem. What else do you know about Carlsbad?

Kira: Yeah. Um, so like you were saying with the Village, it’s a really cute cottage-y feel; something kind of different than the other beach communities. Um, but there’s just a lot of, uh, a lot going on here at the Village. They have this master plan called the Carlsbad Village and Barrio master plan. That’s gonna just make the Village even more awesome. Kind of rejuvenate it, give it a bit of a facelift, create, you know, some more green space and plaza’s. And um, more walkability, maybe even some underground coaster action. Um just a lot of really awesome things happening here.

Martin: Yeah, it’s funny because, uh, you know, Fidel’s, which was here forever now uh, they just changed the name just recently. Um, it’s, it’s, this whole little area is just so cute and, and you see the rise, you see – being relocation specialists that we are – we get a lot of people that will come in and go, “Hey, tell me a little bit more about Carlsbad.” Actually probably more than any other community, believe it or not. So we’re seeing a lot of that. And part of that is probably also, you know, if you go down a little bit farther south, you’ve got a lot of commercial, um, businesses that have been growing and so forth. So there’s a lot going on. Uh, I just love it. Lego Land, right around the corner.

Kira: Yea, big attractions like the Flower Fields, the Outlets.

Martin: Totally! What are some of the stats? So tell me a little about that.

Kira: So Carlsbad is one of the bigger San Diego Neighborhoods. To put it into perspective, there’s 113,000 people, 4 different zip codes. So I just took the averages here for these statistics. You’re looking at about a million dollars for a detached home. For an attached home, $607,000. The median age is 43. The average days on market is about 32. And the average household income is about $103,000.

Martin: Well that’s awesome. Well there, there it is. You know, Kira is killing it as always. And uh, Hey, I’m, I’m done. All right, I’m going to go – do my walk and then I’m going to go for a swim, so I’ll see you later.

Kira: All right, bye. Welp. Make it a great day, everybody!